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[queen's thief] attolia irene
So I think Channel Mixer has become my new favorite adjustment layer. It can be very touchy, but there is also some neat stuff you can do with it. I just learned about saturating the colors with it (super easy) and so most of the DW icons have at least one of those layers on it and usually several more Color Mixers as well. I still miss my PS "Selective Color," but since I don't have it to rely on anymore, I'm learning new techniques. Yay!

Now that the boring stuff is behind us, are you ready for some icons? Doctor Who from the fifth series (from ep "Vincent and the Doctor" and various ep outtakes) and some Queen's Thief. Been a while since I made anything for that amazing book series, but head on over to this post at sounis for an incredible "comic" by rushstarfire. She graciously granted me permission to use her art to make some icons. :D If you like the original pieces, be sure to head over there or to Deviantart and let her know!

Doctor Who: 31
---"Vincent and the Doctor": 22
---Series 5 Outtakes: 9
Queen's Thief: 31 (art by rushstarfire)
Total: 62


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9th-May-2011 06:21 pm - Sometimes, I get distracted easily
[dw] bowtie, [dw] bowtie 2
Hence why this batch only contains icons from the first third of the Doctor Who Series 6 opener. I may complete the rest of the ep later, but maybe not. In the meantime, have 45 icons! I kind of like this batch. I was trying to go for a coloring that I hadn't seen so far on these caps. Hope you like!

Doctor Who "The Impossible Astronaut": 45
Doctor Who random Rose Tyler icons: 8


Warning: I may have gone a little heavy on the River Song icons. Can't help myself. Women is badass.Collapse )
22nd-Mar-2011 01:25 am - Something a bit different
[dw] GQMF w/ a  technicolor dreamcoat, [dw] Six
I want an icon or two of Evelyn Smythe (one of Six's companions from the Big Finish Audios), but I haven't really seen any. So then I found out about this Real Time animation, so I made some caps of it so I can icon them.

I figured I'd share the caps. They're pretty small, but they should be workable. Just in case anyone else was interested.

Just drop me a comment and I'd love it if you'd link back to me if you post anything with them. :) Enjoy!

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20th-Mar-2011 05:28 pm - Smith and Jones
[dw] eleven martha, [dw] smith & jones
Doctor Who: 26 (Matt Smith & Freema Agyeman :: Eleven/Martha)
Stock: 6
Quotes: 4
Total: 36


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[bright star] fanny brawne
Don't you love it when subject/cut texts have nothing to do with anything? Me too. I just hate having a boring subject sometimes. And despite how negative it sounds, I am nothing but positive right now. Well...positive regarding this post. Talk to me when I finally find a job for truly positive Audrey.

Anywho! Done some more experimenting with textures. I was just getting so bored of the same old thing. None of these are radically different from my usual fare, but hopefully you'll still see something you like. :D

Doctor Who: 13 (Eighth Doctor and Charley Pollard)
Billie Piper: 11
Lord of the Rings: 24 (FOTR; a few subtle variations because I can't be picky)
Total: 48


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10th-Dec-2010 11:44 pm - Out at the pictures
[bright star] fanny brawne
All right! I've got a small set of DW companion icons. I know I didn't get to every character that was requested, and I apologize.

I've also got a small set of Misfits s1 icons, all from the first episode.

Doctor Who X-mas: 12
Misfits: 21


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26th-Nov-2010 10:33 pm - Mindblowing
[bright star] fanny brawne
That's what this week's episode (2x03) of Misfits was. Why is this show so damn good?

Mindblowing. Seriously.

And so I had to icon the heck out of certain scenes. For one thing, Alisha is so amazingly gorgeous. And did I mention that my mind was blown a little? Yeah. It was. I have no idea what I really think about all the developments, but I'm still in a really happy place.

On to the icons (and wallpaper!!!)

Obviously, huge spoilers for the ep under the cut (and as such, I won't put a teaser of the wall, which I normally would)

Misfits 2x03: 38
Wallpaper: 1

Apologies. I may have abused some light textures I'd forgotten I had until recently. XD


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24th-Nov-2010 02:41 pm - Christmastime is (almost) here!!!!
[bright star] fanny brawne
Christmas is just around the corner. To get yourself ready for the season, you know you want to stock up on some fun icons. So here's a whole set of Doctor Who Santas and elves, one for each Doctor.


I thought about doing companions, and I may still, but I'm still undecided. If there is a companion you'd like an icon of, let me know (and please think about providing a pic, especially if they're Classic Who) and I'll be glad to make one for you. :)

As always, please comment, credit, and don't hotlink.

Happy Holidays!
10th-Oct-2010 04:23 pm - It. Is. The. DOCTAHHHH!!!!
[Bones] BB::100th::beautiful lights
I'm crawling out of my fic-writing hole, blinking in the bright icon sun, and offering up a few Doctor Who and stock icons. Hope you enjoy!!

Doctor Who (Donna and the Tenth Doctor): 15
Stock: 7
Wallpapers: 1


Caps courtesy of killcolor
No hotlinking.
Enjoy. ♥

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14th-Sep-2010 02:23 am - You belong among the wildflowers
[actors] billie laugh, [actors] smiling billie
Because my love of Nine and my girl crush on Billie Piper grow everyday, I bring icons of both. Nine's come from episode 1 and Billie's are random. Hope you find some you like!

Ninth Doctor: 29
Billie Piper: 13


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8th-Sep-2010 01:44 am - All over the Whoniverse
[actors] bright billie
I'm bringing a random mix of Who graphics today. I've got icons of One, Amy Pond, and a few variations on a Rose/Eleven wallpaper.

The First Doctor: 8
Amelia Pond: 21

Walls: 5


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26th-Aug-2010 05:12 am - Life is a highway
[dw] daft old man
Doctor Who is endlessly quotable, and in celebration of that fact, I've brought a collection of quote icons to you today. These are all from NuWho, all three Doctors' eras, but if I'm lacking one you want (especially as I'm super deficient in Ten quotes), let me know. I'll be more than happy to make one for you. Also let me know if you'd like the blank background or TARDIS.

I also have some more Billie Piper icons, a few of Paloma Faith, and some of Eugene Hutz (from the amazing and crazy band Gogol Bordello and the film Everything Is Illuminated). Hutz has a premium mustache and demands to be iconned.

Doctor Who Text: 47
Billie Piper: 7
Paloma Faith: 13
Eugene Hutz: 12


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[bright star] fanny brawne
I told myself I would not make this many icons of Sherlock...and yet I did. I just couldn't help myself when I got going. If you can, you definitely need to check out the BBC's awesome reboot/modern day Sherlock Holmes adventures, starring Benedict Cumberbatch (man, I love that name!) as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson. They are absolutely perfect in their roles. And I am Steven Moffatt's slave forever for this!

Aaaaand I kinda made almost 50 icons out of the first episode. That's not a ton, I guess, considering it was a 90 minute episode, but I try not to go too overboard on single episodes (because that's exactly what I have a tendency to do). I'm happy with them, and I hope y'all will be too.

I've also got a few from Doctor Who series 2, 'cause I felt like I was unfairly neglecting Ten. These are from the episode Tooth and Claw, which I loved!

Sherlock: 46(3 animated)
Doctor Who 2x02: 13


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4th-Aug-2010 05:44 pm - It's been a productive summer...
[bright star] fanny brawne
And that means more icons! Doctor Who and Avatar: The Last Airbender this time. I haven't made ATLA icons in a while. This batch focuses mainly on Zutara.

Doctor Who 1x02: 24
Avatar: 11


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15th-Jul-2010 05:30 pm - Doctor Who Love!
[actors] bright billie
Got another set for you. This time it's more Billie Piper (the woman is just too gorgeous), Doctor Who from series 1 (Nine love!), and a few of The Swell Season. Hope you find something you like.

Also, I've redesigned the layout, so if you want, you should definitely check it out!
so_lovely_icons so_lovely_icons so_lovely_icons

Billie Piper: 5
Doctor Who 1x03: 22
The Swell Season: 11


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23rd-Jun-2010 12:31 pm - We liiiiiiive!
[bright star] fanny brawne
Hello (if anyone's still around). It's been forever since either of us posted. Sorry. We've both been so caught up with life, there just hasn't been time for icons (that and _missmargaret_ lost Photoshop for a while). Hopefully posts will be more frequent now (I've got a few new fandoms), but I'm not promising anything.

But I hope you see something you like here. Some of these are a little older and just never got posted, but most are brand-spanking new!

Here's what I've got for you today:

Billie Piper: 19
Bright Star: 8
Jane Eyre: 5
Superior: 14
Fruits Basket: 6


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30th-Jun-2009 03:40 am - Zutara Picspam
[bright star] fanny brawne

warning: extremely image heavy (naturally)
created for: The Great Zutara Picspam Project @ katara_zuko
episode title: The Siege of the North, Pt 1
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6th-Jun-2009 11:52 pm - dlsfjsdklfjdlsjf dkls
[bright star] fanny brawne
Not my best work ever, but I'm just too excited about this new book to wait any longer.

For those of you who don't know anything about this, these icons are from the newly released coverart for book for in Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief series; it's called A Conspiracy of Kings. We've got a while to wait for it, but I'm so excited by this news. I personally wanted some icons to use around, so I made a couple and of course want to share them.

Take what you like.

There's a wallpaper under the cut, too.

No teasers 'cause there are so few.

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4th-Jun-2009 03:36 pm - Lots of pretties
[bright star] fanny brawne
We're not dead, I swear! We've both just been very busy. _missmargaret_ has finished grad school, moved, and now she's ready to start her career in the real world. I, meanwhile, have just been working a lot when I'm not doing school and I was pretty uninspired to make icons.

The last few days, I've just been on a kick, so I've got quite a few today. A ton of new ones, and then a few old ones I never posted.

Check 'em out!

Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief series: 11
Bright Star: 18
Ben Whishaw: 15
Liv Tyler: 5
Kirsten Dunst: 6
Alan Tudyk: 5
Goong: 9
Rurouni Kenshin: 5

Bright Star: 2
Avatar: The Last Airbender: 2

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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