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Something a bit different 
22nd-Mar-2011 01:25 am
[dw] GQMF w/ a  technicolor dreamcoat, [dw] Six
I want an icon or two of Evelyn Smythe (one of Six's companions from the Big Finish Audios), but I haven't really seen any. So then I found out about this Real Time animation, so I made some caps of it so I can icon them.

I figured I'd share the caps. They're pretty small, but they should be workable. Just in case anyone else was interested.

Just drop me a comment and I'd love it if you'd link back to me if you post anything with them. :) Enjoy!

They're mostly of Evelyn and the Doctor, 'cause that's all I really cared about, to be honest.
Sizes are either 590x330 or 440x240 (real quick and dirty, untouched caps). 57 caps in a 10mb zip.

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