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We are lost without each other, but we find our way back home 
24th-May-2011 10:08 am
[queen's thief] attolia irene
So I think Channel Mixer has become my new favorite adjustment layer. It can be very touchy, but there is also some neat stuff you can do with it. I just learned about saturating the colors with it (super easy) and so most of the DW icons have at least one of those layers on it and usually several more Color Mixers as well. I still miss my PS "Selective Color," but since I don't have it to rely on anymore, I'm learning new techniques. Yay!

Now that the boring stuff is behind us, are you ready for some icons? Doctor Who from the fifth series (from ep "Vincent and the Doctor" and various ep outtakes) and some Queen's Thief. Been a while since I made anything for that amazing book series, but head on over to this post at sounis for an incredible "comic" by rushstarfire. She graciously granted me permission to use her art to make some icons. :D If you like the original pieces, be sure to head over there or to Deviantart and let her know!

Doctor Who: 31
---"Vincent and the Doctor": 22
---Series 5 Outtakes: 9
Queen's Thief: 31 (art by rushstarfire)
Total: 62


Doctor Who

Queen's Thief


Credit (How to) Please also credit rushstarfire for the Queen's Thief icons. They are her drawings and I just slapped a little color and went to town with the crop tool :))
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25th-May-2011 09:30 pm (UTC)
Makes me happy too. :D Look at all those high-word count fics saved on my hard drive!

I've managed to characterize Gen's Mum in a way that people seem to enjoy, and I've discovered that she's super fun to write; so yes, I've created a series for her and elements of the series that surround her. The best part? Not all of them will be angsty death fics! I'll try to write as much romance and adventure as possible.

Though while writing, I can't seem to get Lauren Graham out of my head. She has an appropriate "up to something" smile.
26th-May-2011 09:14 pm (UTC)
Hey look! I made it come back. I was looking at the "read comments" buttons/links, and there was one I've never seen before: "1 Suspicious Comment." I kind of laughed and then clicked it, knowing it'd be yours.

I guess I'd rather have LJ marking ~suspicious things than getting spammed all the time and having those attacks, but I just hadn't had any experience with any of the new features yet. XD
26th-May-2011 11:05 pm (UTC)
Yay, you fixed it!

Yup, just call me the "Suspicious Commenter". Mild mannered college student by day, evil cyber-space villain by night. LJ-users beware! XD

Maybe... I shouldn't find that so funny. It's just the name, suspicious comment is suspicious. But, yeah... I will say the non-whitelisted domain screen is cutting back on comment spam. I'm not getting comment spam on my journal or comms these days. Especially the Russia ones, which made more sense after the server attacks. I was starting to wonder why all spammers seemed to speak Russian!
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