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♠ Icon makers: _missmargaret_ and styromgalleries
♣ Fandoms: Doctor Who, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Office, Anime/Manga, Bones, Lord of the Rings, Queen's Thief, X-Files, Period Dramas
♥ Info: Welcome to our community! We love making graphics of our favorite fandoms or whatever happens to strike our fancy at the moment. We've both been busy in the last few years, one finishing up graduate school and getting out into the professional world, another finishing undergrad and trying to figure her life out. While we are very similar (we're sisters and pretty much BFFL) some of our tastes in fandom vary wildly, so chances are, you'll find what you're looking for here, whether you happen to be bookish, celebrity-crazed, an anime nerd, or a fan of dramas.
♦ Rules: All we really ask is that you give credit when you use our icons/banners. Don't feel obligated to comment, though we love feedback (especially of the gushing variety). We hope you find something you like and you come back for more. Don't forget to friend us if you like what you see!